Kindle Publishing and how it works.

Earlier this year, I decided on a whim to publish my first novel, The Secret Diary of a Princess on Kindle and well, it’s probably of no surprise to learn that I am still highly enamoured with Kindle publishing. Not just because the actual number of sales blows those of physical books out of the […]

The first wedding of Mary, Queen of Scots

‘All I can tell you is that I account myself one of the happiest women in the world‘ – Mary, Queen of Scots to her mother on the morning of her wedding. The ill fated wedding of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland and the Dauphin François of France took place on the 24th April 1558 […]

Mary, Queen of Scots

Today is the anniversary of Mary, Queen of Scots’ birth in 1542. I am breaking my self imposed ban on Tudor posts to bring you eight things that I have in common with poor old Queen Mary and also a relatively amusing reminisce: 1. We are both half Scottish. 2. We were both born in […]

The notorious murder on Ratcliffe Highway, 1811

The Ripper murders of 1888 were not the first time that the populace of the East End had been scared out their wits and the area had been discussed in hushed tones throughout the country. The crimes of the murderer known as Jack the Ripper are considered quintessentially Victorian nowadays thanks to their gin scented, […]

Marie Adélaïde de Savoie, 6th December 1685

I couldn’t let the birthday of one of my heroines, Marie-Adélaïde de Savoie, Duchesse de Bourgogne and mother of Louis XV go by without a quick blog post! That would be a serious faux pas at the Sun King’s court! Here’s an excerpt about her first meeting with her great uncle and future grandfather in […]

Covent Garden Ladies necklace

I love this necklace that one of my friends, Delilah des Anges made! It’s very Marie Antoinette isn’t it? Available from Etsy for £17.99.

Season of Light – Katharine McMahon

Taking a break from the French Revolution means that I am finally free to read other people’s books about it! Hurray! I’ve wanted to read Season of Light ever since I first heard about it so of course it was one of the first books that I bought for my Kindle. I was expecting a […]

Cavalier Queen – Fiona Mountain

I’ve been looking forward to reading this for ages but decided to avoid it as I am sort of writing about the same period at the moment and I have Rules about that sort of thing. I needn’t have worried though, as when Cavalier Queen touched upon the events that open my own book (the […]

Deathly Hallows part 2

My blu-ray (I got the three disc version so I have a blu-ray, DVD and er something else) of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 arrived yesterday and I’m now on my second viewing as, and I make no apology, I love this film. I went to see it twice at the cinema […]

A Dark Victoriana Christmas

Seeing as it’s now the first of December, I think I can now safely mention CHRISTMAS without enraging most of you. Thanks to Dickens, there are few things more evocative than what we fondly imagine to be a Victorian Christmas, complete with urchins pressing their faces longingly up against toy shop windows; plum puddings; dancing […]

1,000 books sold

I was quite excited to discover today that I have now sold over 1,000 books on Kindle. I know this is very VERY small fry to some of you, but I’m really quite pleased with myself right now! I’m especially pleased as I’ve had to put up with a lot of miserable sods since I […]

Dickens’ London

Longterm readers of this blog will know that I am passionately interested in Victorian London, particularly its grimy, seedy underbelly so I was thrilled when Haus Publishing sent me a copy of Dickens’s London by Peter Clark to review. ‘Few novelists have written so intimately about a city in the way that Charles Dickens wrote […]

Margaret Tudor, 28th November 1489

Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII and his peculiarly enigmatic queen, the flaxen haired and pulchritudinous Elizabeth of York and the elder sister of Henry VIII was born in Richmond Palace on 28th November 1489. She was married by proxy to James IV, King of Scotland on 24th January 1502, aged just twelve then packed […]

The escape of Princess Henrietta

The Henrietta part of my next book opens with the escape of the three year old Princess Henrietta Stuart from the clutches of Parliament. It’s an astonishing tale really, that I thought I would summarise here for you all while my head is still full of it all! The Princess Henrietta was born on the […]

Henrietta Maria

It’s Henrietta Maria’s birthday today. Or at least, it’s one of them as due to a calendar discrepancy between England and France she was born on 25th November in Paris, but her birthday was celebrated on the 16th in England. When I was younger, Henrietta Maria was one of my favourite Queens – mainly because […]

Just keep writing, just keep writing…

It’s always a thing of joy when you write a novel set at Louis XIV’s court and Madame de Montespan makes her first appearance. She’s a bit of a scene stealer – even from a distance. I’ve been furiously writing this week and also trying to get over my really bad habit of editing as […]

The Winter Sea or Sophia’s Secret

I have just finished the first book that I started reading on my new Kindle and enjoyed it so much that I just had to hasten straight here to tell you all about it. Although, of course, I have a feeling that you’ve all already read it! Sophia’s Secret (known as The Winter Sea in […]

Kindle review

I’m in love. It has been a source of much embarrassment for a while that although I am an enthusiastic writer of books for Kindle, I myself have failed to buy one due to um being an impoverished writer of Kindle books who has yet to actually be paid by Amazon (I’ve asked them to […]

Fields of the Nephilim

There’s no point denying it. I’m a goth. Always have been and always will be. Oh woe is me. Hand/staple/forehead. I’ve written before about my huge love of goth music but then decided last night while dancing around my kitchen to Endemoniada that today I would share my adoration of Fields of the Nephilim with […]