Happy Bloody Halloween

Happy Bloody Halloween by madame-guillotine featuring red jewelry Falconwright leather purse, £61 / Topshop red jewelry, £9.38 / What A Mess Scoop Skater Dress › Black Milk Clothing, £53 / JAMILA | Womens Boots | Official Dr Martens Store – UK / Library of Fragrance Gingerbread Eau de Toilette 30ml | Fragrance -… / Applecurrant Crumble Classic Jar Candle – […]

The Tower of London at twilight

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited by the amazing crew at Historic Royal Palaces to take part in a very special private twilight tour of the Tower of London. Due to heinous busy busy, I’ve been a bit tardy writing this post about it but let’s pretend that I was intending to publish it on Halloween all […]

Ghosts of Whitechapel

Ah, where would the blogging community be without Halloween and its creepy culinary, cake, cinematic and sartorial delights? We history bloggers can have spooky fun too though! Oh yes. I mean, for many of us, it might as well be Halloween every day as we share tales of historical bloodshed, misery and woe but that doesn’t mean we can’t make […]

Cross Bones graveyard, Southwark

‘I have heard of ancient men, of good credit, report that these single women were forbidden the rites of the church, so long as they continued that sinful life, and were excluded from Christian burial, if they were not reconciled before their death. And therefore there was a plot of ground called the Single Woman’s churchyard, appointed for them far […]