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Pieminister: A Pie for all Seasons

If you’ve been to a festival in the last couple of years then there’s a fair chance that you have encountered the awesome majesty that is Pieminister, who spend the summer months sending their mobile stall up and down the country to cheer up thousands of famished and hungover festival goers with wholesome, delicious pie, mash and gravy. Pieminister is […]

The beginning of summer

It’s a lovely sunny day here in the West Country. The toddler and I are currently lounging around after a busy morning living it up at play group and I’m half watching Poirot (and rather hideously wondering if he has ever had sex – I know, I’m sorry but he’s so finicky and there’s that moustache) while working on my […]

Latest cookery books

I’ve done quite well lately when it comes to the acquisition of cookery books! Behold! Firstly, Eat Me!, which is very awesome indeed and is basically a compedium of some very gorgeous looking and sounding cakes, all arranged in seasonal order with some really quite delightful photography! Secondly, Baking Magic, which includes most of the recipes from cupcake books that […]

Creamy leek non surprise recipe

People who append ‘Surprise’ at the end of meal names really irk me. It’s so twee and annoying and instead of making me want to eat whatever rancid leftovers have been placed before me, it just makes me want to poke it half heartedly with my fork, slap the cook upside the head and then retch enthusiastically in their waste […]