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I lived on lentil curry all week and lost 3lbs which is a total 10lb loss in the last four weeks – yay. My excellent and very me new necklace from Janine Basil. I decided it was time to re-pink my hair as the last dye had mostly faded away. My super cute kitten Tyrion.

Gosh, I’ve been busy and kind of neglectful of this blog too – sorry! It’s too hot here, you see. It makes me not want to do ANYTHING but lie in the garden and cry while reading through the stack of chick lit novels I have stashed on my Kindle for times like this. I’ve read some great books lately actually – London Calling (Mirabelle Bevan Mystery 2) by the lovely Sara Sheridan and Not Without You by Harriet Evans were both outstandingly good. London Calling is another in the Mirabelle Bevan mystery series which is set in the rather tawdrily glamorous world of post war Brighton and London with elegant and resourceful super sleuth Mirabelle on the case. I LOVE them. London Calling plunges the reader into the smoky, exciting world of jazz clubs, exclusive club houses and hotels and wayward young aristocrats. Superb.

Not Without You is rather different and is a split time affair about a modern day British actress (who is described as looking a bit like Anne Hathaway but in my head was actually Kate Winslet) who is a mega star in Hollywood and a 1960s star, Eve Noel (superb name) that she is obsessed with and determined to track down. It’s a great read – in fact I read it all in one day, staying up until 2am to get to the end. Brilliant and perfect for the summer holidays although the ending is a bit of a shocker!

It’s traditional when dying my hair to put some red lipstick on after the bleaching stage and pretend to be Courtney Love for half an hour or so. An ace hairband, also from Janine Basil. The Egyptian Gromit at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. Madame Recamier at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery – I pay my respects every time I visit.

Other things I have been up to this week have included slapping more pink on my hair, hunting more Gromits, eating lentil curry every night (it’s fine, I LIKE lentil curry), a quick trip to Bath yesterday afternoon, a lovely barbecue with friends on a sunny Sunday afternoon, two amazing professional opportunities that I’ll be able to share with you very soon and some serious work on the Ripper book.

There’s a great exhibition of Belzoni’s original drawings from the tomb of Sety I at Bristol Museum. Sir Gromit. Vincent van Gromit. Me and a very sparkly Gromit at Clifton Triangle.

The Ripper Book is going amazingly well. It’s now at 63,256 out of 90,000 and I’m about to make a significant addition to the body count. I’ll be quite sad when this book is finished but also very excited about people finally being able to read it. It really does look like this is going to be out by Christmas!

Hot day. The Laura Ashley exhibition in Bath Fashion Museum – about which I will be posting LOTS more later on. The Circus, Bath. Royal Crescent, Bath.

I’m lucky enough to live a very short train journey away from Bath, which although I’m not massively fond of the city itself is quite handy if you blog about history and fashion. As my husband was working from home yesterday I went off for a few hours to check out the refurbishments to 1 Royal Crescent, where the Princesse de Lamballe stayed when she visited Bath and also the new exhibition about Laura Ashley at the Fashion Museum. I’ll be posting more about the Laura Ashley exhibition later on!


‘Frothy, light hearted, gorgeous. The perfect summer read.’ Minette, my novel of 17th century posh doom and intrigue is now £2.02 from Amazon UK and $2.99 from Amazon US.

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