This Week

I thought it was about time I started doing a weekly update about stuff we’ve been up to during the week – partially because it’s nice to keep a record of these things but mostly because I’m trying to think of ways to make myself blog regularly if not every day.

So here we all are then.

The weather hasn’t been too great here lately but in the name of losing weight, spending better time with each other, being healthier and wresting the children away from my iPad, we’ve taken to going on long walks around the local nature reserves in the evenings and weekends. It’s been great – would you believe that the scenery above is part of a city? We almost fainted when we walked into our closest nature reserve which is basically a MASSIVE forest with beautiful fields and hidden nooks and crannies arranged either side of a river – it’s just like being out in the countryside, only in a city. Amazing. Needless to say, the boys both love it – I grew up in the countryside myself and it’s a pleasure to see them both climbing trees (and climbing inside them too!), pretending to be knights guarding a castle, listening to birdsong, staring in aghast fascination at swarms of tadpoles and trying to identify trees and plants.

Haven’t our kittens grown up since I first posted a picture of them here? They’re still completely adorable. As I sit here typing this, I have one of them curled up on my lap and the other standing guard beside my laptop – both of them are purring away like engines. It’s ace.


I’ve just started using Instagram – you can follow me now and everything! Or whatever. I’m not going to, I dunno, come around your house and kneecap you if you don’t.

‘Frothy, light hearted, gorgeous. The perfect summer read.’ Minette, my novel of 17th century posh doom and intrigue is now £2.02 from Amazon UK and $2.99 from Amazon US.

We’ll be saying a sad goodbye to Google Reader at the end of this month. Please don’t forget to subscribe via one of the links on my blog sidebar so that we can still stay in touch!

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