Oh come off it, did you really think I was going to idly drop a mention of KITTENS into my last blog post and then not share their awesome kitten MAJESTY with you all? What sort of monster do you take me for?!

Anyway, the newest residents at Guillotine Towers are a pair of super sweet eight week old brothers called Tyrion and Diggory. My husband chose their names so I take no responsibility for that. I’ve always wanted a pair of fluffy marmalade cats so I was BEYOND THRILLED when one of the local cat rescue places offered us these two beauties.

Why yes, I HAVE just become one of those people who post gratuitous pictures of their cats all over the internet…

13 thoughts on “Kittens!

  • Kim

    Hellloooooo handsome young men!

    They’re adorable, have much fun with them (and the offer of kitty advice still stands!).

    Ohhh you MUST do the hold-a-treat-and-let-them-run-up-the-front-of-your-jeans trick before they get too big ;)

    • Madame Guillotine Post author

      Thank you! Aren’t they adorable?!

      They’re still a bit wary of us but one of them licked my hand earlier and I’m definitely less scratched to pieces today than I was yesterday! ;)

      I shall have to attempt that – when they eventually wake up! ;)

  • Sarah Waldock

    Yay, kittens! glad you pointed out that they came from a shelter, one of my mantras is ‘adopt don’t buy’. We have a new 15 month ginger GIRL who is a street moggy and very shy. I look forward to photoshopped pics of them with tricorns and canes….
    Diggory is a good old English name… Tyrion sounds like a hero, or possibly anti-hero, from a Jacobean revenge play. “Dog, hast had thy day, and now my life begin afresh/ I have thee in my toils, thou thrice-cursed cur/and whilst thou mercy cry, I shall but purr/And run my tiny claws into thy craven flesh…”
    hem, sorry, you shouldn’t set me off on whimsies you know.

    • Madame Guillotine Post author

      Oh yes, there’s no way that I would buy kittens from a breeder when there’s so many needing homes in shelters! The one we got ours from is a small local group and the cats and kittens are cared for in foster homes, which is nice and means, I think, that they are more socialised than if they’d been with the RSPCA for example. It’s sad too though as the house our kittens came from had at least two other newborn kitten litters and a couple of unwanted pregnant cats (who weren’t much more than kittens themselves) which is great for people who are after kittens but, I think, is really sad for the cats. :(

      My husband is a massive Game of Thrones fan (I would be too I think if there wasn’t so much infanticide, which means I can’t bring myself to watch or read it) and Diggory is a compromise as to him it’s a CS Lewis character but to me it’s the one and only CEDRIC DIGGORY from Harry Potter. ;D

      Haha, I totally see what you mean though. There’s something very Shakespearean anti-hero about Tyrion, isn’t there? ;D

  • EMS

    Every writer should have a pair of cats lounging on their laptops and messing with the copy. They are darling.

  • CAT

    Make sure to take tons of photos since they grow up way to fast! And, make sure to post photos from time to time so we can all see them grow up!
    I’ve owned marmalades before and orange tabbies seem to have unique personalities. Have fun!

  • Michelle Peeples @ZedShowgirl

    Too cute! Congratulations on the new additions to the family. Excellent names.

  • Holly Hardy

    Just one more reason I’m glad that I discovered your website! Post all of the cat pictures you want to, the world is a better place because of kittens!

  • Tracey Lea

    Such cute fur-balls! Love their names & their marmalade colouring. Keep the crazy cat lady pics coming & p.s. don’t give them ‘Dreamies’ – it is like crack cocaine, my cat was like something out of ‘Fear & loathing in Las Vegas’ after eating them.x

    • Sarah Waldock

      …and don’t give them IAMS either, apart from their poor record of treatment of their test animals there’s some evidence to suggest it can lead to piddle problems in later life

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