Make Up and Me

I love make up. There, I said it. It’s just wonderful, which is no doubt why I have SO MUCH of the bloody stuff. This wouldn’t be so bad but I’m a terrible snob about brands and don’t have any of the cheaporama stuff but instead save my pennies for The Good Stuff like Chanel, NARS, MAC and Illamasqua. I’ve convinced myself that this is actually an INVESTMENT as the good stuff is more densely pigmented and therefore lasts longer as you need to use less but I don’t actually think that’s true. Also the more expensive brands are less likely to test on animals – OR SO YOU WOULD THINK.

The thing about make up though is that it just really really cheers me up. I’m currently following the Slimming World diet and have banned myself from buying ANY new clothes until I reach my target (I’m two stone away so it’s not too bad), which is where make up comes in because fat or thin, it will always suit me. Same goes for shoes actually and also bags. Oh and jewellery too, but I digress. The point about make up is that it is a cheap shot of happiness if you’re feeling glum – especially so if you’re not a snooty git like me who likes to hang about Harvey Nichols trying stuff out.

The other thing is that, sad to say, I am not naturally blessed with anything even approximating good looks and need a bit of slap to ensure that I don’t terrify small children or end up being ducked as a witch in the local duckpond. The only reason that I am here today to write this interminable and pointless blog post is because a decent application of NARS Super Orgasm highlighter and MAC Cockney lipstick stopped a pitchfork waving mob from checking me for devil shaped birthmarks.

Yes, make up never lets you down.

Unless it’s MAC and Urban Decay who recently changed their policy regarding animal testing in order to be able to sell their products in China. Boo hiss to them as they’ve REALLY let me down.

However, moving on, a really decent make up collection requires a bloody good make up bag and FINALLY that is what I have. Behold this beauty from my beloved Tokyo Milk! Yes, I know that’s not really Marie Antoinette but actually a portrait of her elder sister, Maria Josepha but isn’t it just lovely? I’ve wanted this bag for ages but a combination of Bad Days, depression and a few not so great weigh ins at Slimming World finally gave me the push to buy it from this site.

Look, she even has a tiny Tokyo Milk perfume in her hand!

Before they turned to The Dark Side, pretty much all of my make up came exclusively from MAC but now that I’m boycotting them, I’ve started building up my Illamasqua collection instead. If anything, this brand actually suits me a lot more in that they are more than a bit goth in aesthetic and branding (they support the S.O.P.H.I.E charity that I have written about before), they are a British brand and they’re also opposed to animal testing. The only drawback is that they don’t have any shops or counters near me so I have to wait until I’m in London to try things out or order online.

They have the most amazing sale going on and I may have gone slightly wild. Top row: Pure Pigment in Berber; Lipstick in Encounter; Powder Eye Shadow in Soul. Middle row: Lipstick in Sangers; Nail Varnish in Untold; Liquid Metal in Surge; Bottom: Powder Eye Shadow in Angst. All of which were a fiver each. I know, right?!

Ah. Sigh. You can’t tell from this frankly rubbish photograph but the nail polish on the left is amazingly densely red glittery and beautiful in a Wizard of Oz ruby slippers sort of way.

Now to choose my favourite make up, which will reside from now on inside the make up bag of DOOM. I suspect that some tough choices are going to have to be made as this lot is still a bit too much to cart around with me every day.

My favourite lipsticks. Erk. Left to right: MAC Cockney; MAC Milan Mode; NARS Funny Face; Illamasqua Magnetism; Illamasqua Sangers; Illamasqua Encounter; Illamasqua Drench; Illamasqua Salacious. Clearly I like a bit of a red lip and also have a thing for bright pink because er it matches my hair.

Sorry, this is a bit of a silly post isn’t it? Truth be told, I’m feeling more than a bit depressed right now thanks to one thing and another (but you don’t want to hear about that, I know) and have been neglecting this blog while finishing the Minette novel so decided to write about something that makes me happy. I’ll be back tomorrow though with a bit of a writing update!

What do you do when you’re feeling down in the dumps? I’m ALL ears!

ps. No one paid, sponsored or even ASKED me to write this post. I just wanted to, so there.

pps. Sorry about the ropey photographs. My lovely husband bought me a spanking new camera for Christmas but has hitherto failed to tell me how to charge the battery (I am, I’m afraid, a BIT of a luddite and also somewhat in denial about such things) so I was a bit THWARTED when I went to take these photos.

ppps. I know that some of you have had a few issues with this blog since I moved to self hosting my husband broke it but NEVER FEAR, it’s apparently all getting fixed and ironed out on Sunday night by my husband and one of his geeky friends at what has been dubbed The Super Bowl And Blog Fixing Party. I won’t let them have any tequila until it’s all sorted…

16 thoughts on “Make Up and Me

  • Alison

    Well I do enjoy looking at a bit of make up now and again, I’m just hopeless about picking the right stuff.

    I do however ADORE dark red lipstick and secretly lust after Christian Dior stuff. Against animal testing too so you’ve now tempted me into Illamasqua.

    Plus, I have so many half used make up bags…will not click on above link…will not…

  • Lucy

    Loved this post. I also use makeup (and perfume) as a mood elevator. I have a drawer and suitcase full of makeup, the colors alone make me happy. I know the next thing will be eyeliner, also comes in tons of fascinating colors.

  • Holley

    Oh my – I have been a make-up junkie for 50 years. Even at my advanced age (which I don’t in the least feel) I can’t resist the makeup counter. I’ve muted the colors a bit and try not to go too wild with the eye shadow, but the siren song of anything magenta lures me into lustful purchase.

    Hope you feel happier soon! Diets are such a bummer. But it will be worth it.

  • Carol Beyer

    I enjoyed this blog immensely as I am a NARS user too! I just love their color names! I wear their blush in these winter months when I lack my usual suntan. I know Marie Antoinette would never let the sun darken her alabaster skin, but I’m a product of the mid century, and we feel more beautiful and even SLIMMER with a tan!!

  • Ariane/The Force Expansive

    I am unhappily following you in the MAC boycott. Until I read this post, I wasn’t aware that they’d changed their practices — so it’s good in a way that my last binge on sparkly purple shadow and mascara and Amorous lipstick is behind me… Really lovely to spend this little bit of time with you, unpacking your (fabulous) makeup bag. XO

  • Edie

    #1…I think you are absolutely adorable so stop thinking you aren’t! Not to mention ou’ve got a gorgeous smile!

    #2…I didn’t realize MAC went to the dark side so thank you for mentioning that. I’m in need of a few things so I will avoid that counter. I do love NARS and Smashbox!

    #3…to work out fits of the blues I generally go to a bookstore although those are getting harder to find out here these days. Or I go to a fabulous garden center nearby with a to die for hot house. OR just put in my ear plugs and play the Beatles and whatever other happy music I can find from my childhood and teen years!

    #4…I hope your mood lifts soon and the bumps you are experiencing smooth out. Lift up your chin and stand strong! You have a few thousand supporters out here for you!

  • Amy

    I love this post. I had a friend in college who firmly believed that a bad day could always be fixed with a new shade of lipstick. Anytime I see (or buy) new lipstick, I think of her and it makes me smile. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a world of difference. :)

    Also, thanks for all the makeup tips. Lately I’ve been on a nail polish binge and that red looks amazing.

    Hang in there with the diet. It will pay off! :)

  • Lexi

    Hope you are feeling brighter soon. I LOVE makeup and definitely agree that it’s a great pick-me-up; whilst pregnant I’ve bought a lot of lipstick and nailpolish as it makes me feel a little less like a whale and it’s a quick way to feel more put together. Fab collection!

  • Carole Tish

    I am full on cheepo (3 for 2 in Superdrug, oh go on then) but having a make up spending spreee is part of the fun of being a girl right?

    Just splashed on a couple of Butter London nail varnish pots. Plus about to experiment with this matt trend.


    • Melanie Post author

      Ah, I know you are just the same as me when it comes to make up! :D

      Which Butter London polishes did you get? I’m building my collection of them as well and have the most IMMENSE wish list! x

  • Tara from Maryland

    I also think that this was a very fun post; not to mention I feel less lonely in my no-new-clothes vow, as I am ALSO on a diet. But, as someone who has only worn makeup for…1.5 years (started at 30), I am waking up to how much FUN it can be. I’m addicted to Burt’s Bee’s lip products (lip shimmer) because I’m still timid about lipsticks. They don’t test on animals, either. Will look into Illamasqua too…wonder if they sell in the States?

    Finally-my mom (who wears very little makeup) blew me away with the same makeup bag and Tokyomilk lip balm. I could not BELIEVE she’d ever heard of the line. Best surprise of Christmas!

  • Deborah

    A good perfume always makes me happy if I’m feeling a bit down. But I can totally see why a new lipstick would be helpful too! I hope your mood lifts soon.

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