Monthly Archives: July 2009

The eighteenth century dressing table

What would the aristocratic eighteenth century lady have had on her dressing table? A beautiful clock, to ensure that you weren’t late to meet your lover. A pair of beautiful candelabras, as every lady knows that candlelight is exceptionally flattering to the complexion. Perhaps an exquisite porcelain sculpture based on a work by Boucher. Madame de Pompadour adored porcelain flowers […]

Awful news

It is hard to talk about the details as they are so horrific but this is my mother in law. We believe that she jumped sometime in the early hours of last Thursday and it is by sheer chance that she wasn’t discovered sooner. We don’t really comprehend why she chose to take her life in such a grotesque way […]


This is my mother in law. She went missing almost a week ago after leaving notes for all of her family and an epic seventy two page letter, which the police have had ever since so we don’t know what it says. We thought at first that she was just off having fun with friends or getting her head straight, […]